Sanford Adler’s Hillcrest View Estates

Sanford Adler followed the success of his California Country Club Estates development with the 68-lot (immodestly named) “Sanford Adler’s Hillcrest View Estates” (Tract 19015, filed October 22, 1953).  This tract is a re-subdivision of the José de Arnaz ranch on Rancho Rincón de los Bueyes

The Los Angeles Times often ran articles about the development on the same day as it carried advertisements promoting the newest tract in “Cheviot Hills,” in the “Cheviot Hills area,” and “adjacent to Hillcrest Country Club.”  The articles said that all 410 homes in California Country Club Estates had already been sold.  

Several “noted builders” erected the homes.  Models were at 2705 Medill Place, 2800 Anchor Avenue, and 2876 Anchor Avenue.  The realtor was Harry Baron & Co.  

The tract was situated between Monte-Mar Vista, Weber-Diller Construction‘s (1949) Tract 13945 (along Anchor Avenue), and Hillcrest Country Club


Anchor Avenue was established by the Weber-Diller tract and extended into this one.  Anchor and Medill became namesakes for fossil-bearing formations left by ancient seas:  Anchor Silt and Medill Sand.  West Adams Boulevard and Carbee Place (the latter, formerly the shortest street in Monte-Mar Vista) became Beverlywood Street on February 2, 1956.  Medill Place, north of Beverlywood Street, was renamed Krim Drive on February 24, 1956, for Adler’s best friend, Mac Krim (1910-1995).  Mac Krim was one of Detroit’s movie-theater-owning “Krim Brothers,” Kim Novak‘s beau, a millionaire real estate developer, and reportedly an investor in the tract

November 19, 1952, Fairchild Aerial Surveys photograph with Hillcrest View lots at center left.  Castle Heights Elementary School is immediately above with Chaminade High School for Boys at above that. Hillcrest Country Club is at bottom left corner. (Photo courtesy UCSB Library Aerial Photography Collection.) 
Sheets 3 and 4 of tract 19015 maps overlaid with West Adams Boulevard (later Beverlywood St.) up the middle.
November 28, 1954, Los Angeles Times advertisement.

December 5, 1954, Los Angeles Times advertisement.
March 6, 1955, Los Angeles Times advertisement.
April 24, 1955, Los Angeles Times article.
June 5, 1955, Los Angeles Times advertisement.
June 5, 1955, Los Angeles Times article.
June 19, 1955, Los Angeles Times advertisement.
June 19, 1955, Los Angeles Times article.
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