The Palms

The Palms, subdivided in 1886, was a farm town located along the Los Angeles and Independence Railway between the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica. On May 22, 1915, the 7.3 square mile Palms Annexation brought The Palms within Los Angeles city limits.

Cheviot Hills Area Tracts

From 1920s through the 1950s, developers subdivided farmland from former 19th century Spanish and Mexican ranchos Rincón de Los Bueyes and La Ballona into housing tracts. By the late 20th Century, those tracts and others – among them Cheviot Hills (1923), Country Club Highlands (1923), Monte-Mar Vista (1925), and Cheviot Knolls (1938) – were collectively called Cheviot Hills.

Schools, Parks, Library, Clubs

Don José de Arnaz

Life and times of Don José de Arnaz (1820-1895) during which the Cheviot Hills area changed from pastoral to industrial and from Mexican to American.

Westside Bicycling History

From the 19th century Santa Monica Cycle Path to the 20th century Birthplace of BMX at Palms Park, the Palms section of West Los Angeles has a rich bicycling history.

Photos & Maps Gallery

Photos of trains on the railway that passes by Cheviot Hills, aerial photos of Cheviot Hills, and area maps

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