Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

Started in 1921 as a private golf club open to Ambassador and Alexandria hotel patrons, Cheviot Hills Recreation Center has been a public facility since 1946.

Tennis Club

Cheviot Hills’ developers, Frans Nelson & Sons, opened the Palomar Tennis Club in 1925. It has operated under several owners and names since then.

Military Academies & Chaminade High School

 In 1925, Pacific Military Academy broke ground for its 10-acre campus on Cattaraugus Avenue, near Castle Heights. In 1961, the campus ended its run as Chaminade High School for Boys.

Alexander Hamilton High School

Palms Park

Opened in 1959, in 1969, park staffer Ron Mackler organized the world’s first official (insurance and trophies) bicycle motocross (BMX) racing.

Palms-Rancho Park Library

California Country Club

A country club and golf course from 1917-1951 – now the California Country Club Estates neighborhood.

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