Three Tracts ... and some more

The First Suburb

The Ranchos

Neighborhood Organizations

Ranchos Rincon de los Bueyes and La Ballona put the first metes and bounds on this area of the Cahuenga Valley.
The hills of Cheviot were earlier called Palms Hills - after Los Angeles' first suburb, "The Palms." 
West Los Angeles’ “Cheviot Hills” neighborhood is a fusion of several residential tracts that were developed beginning in the early-1920s.  
Collection of Scrapbooks and Histories from American Legion Post, its Auxiliary, and the Cheviot Hills Garden Club.


National Boulevard and Military Avenue

Romance of a Rancho


1972 Ray Bradbury at Palms-Rancho Park Libary

Cheviot Hills Recreation Center

Palms Rancho Park Library

Palms Park - the Birthplace of BMX

Editor's Note

September 23, 2017

I've collected history on Palms and Cheviot Hills since arriving in 1983.  I hope this site will be a place for those interested to learn and to share more.  The site's form and the substance are incomplete, but so is history.  I'm about half of the way done with structuring the site, which is based on the webhost's template.  (The pull-down menu in the upper right appears to be a good way to navigate for now.)  You may find links with nothing "linked" and empty pages - there is still much to import from my earlier websites and other sources.  Meanwhile, please feel free to share information (stories, photos) and send corrections both stylistic (broken links, typos) and substantive.